I love teaching, I love public speaking, I love meeting people, and I love helping people and businesses be awesome. I will happily create custom content and curriculum to train your design, development, product, or executive team, from intimate groups to large conference hall settings. I'm happy to bring some diversity to your conference roster or meetup schedule (and I'm happy to refer other diverse speakers as well, while I'm at it). Here are some videos of me in action!


How to hire, motivate and inspire the next generation of designers: O'Reilly Design 2017

So grateful to the O'Reilly Design program chairs for the opportunity to speak at such a well-run conference, in such fabulous company! This video is my talk in its entirety. From the conference brochure:

"With the industry booming and fresh designers flooding the job market daily, the gap between education and employment has never been more evident. How can managers mentor junior hires to maximum effectiveness? How can junior designers stand out in the crowd? Billie Mandel explores the impact of strong mentorship in creating successful designers."


Embodied Critique on

I'm pleased to be a featured speaker on, a marketplace for inspiring on-site training, seminars, and workshops.

This is a quick intro video I did for BigTalker, where they interviewed me about my method, why I created it, and why it's valuable. I explain why tapping into your feelings at work helps creative professionals turn "tension tension" into creative tension. 

A transcript of the interview is also available, for the hearing impaired.

Application video for Stanford Teaching Fellowship: From the "failed experiment" files

I teach my students, coaching clients, mentees and employees to show their mess, try things out, assess what did and didn't work. And I try to walk the walk. In 2016 I applied to be a Teaching Fellow at the The application challenge: what is a problem you think the should be addressing, and why are you the right person to work on it? The catch: tell the story in ONE MINUTE. 

I wrote the story of Embodied Critique, diversity of perspective, and how everything I know about managing design teams, I learned in my Stanford undergrad women's self-defense class, and then recorded it. 2:30. Drat. Then I cut and cut, one word at a time, and re-recorded until I got it down to a minute. What I ended up with clearly didn't tell a sufficiently compelling story, since I didn't get the fellowship. 


This failed attempt ended up being a fabulous, powerful personal example of a storytelling lesson I teach my students. Observe the master editors, Hollywood screenwriters: what parts of their stories are emphasized visually or in dialogue, and what's left on the cutting room floor. The story arc and its impact changes significantly based on how thoughtfully you edit, and there's such a thing as paring down too much such that your meaning is too diluted to have impact. 

The part of this I'm still deeply proud of, and stand behind 100%:

"Diversity works its magic in the day-to-day microinteractions of design practice. The crazy-brave daily choice of individuals to choose discomfort and engage with challenging perspectives."