Leading and inspiring software design and development teams for 20+ years



  • Grow startups and established teams by implementing mature and modern design and development processes

  • Ignite established product development teams with the passion and skills they need to evolve

  • Teach and instill tangible, proven methods for developing emotional intelligence and people skills

  • Inspire and up-level designers and developers and the products they create

  • Unite cross-functional product development teams with shared goals and Jedi-level cross-functional communication

  • Lead with courage and vulnerability

  • Transform “tension tension” into creative tension



July 2017-present, R&D Craft Educator & Strategist, Atlassian, San Francisco, CA and Sydney, Australia

  • Started as Design Educator for growing global department of ~200 designers

  • Expanded role in 2019 to be R&D Craft Educator for all of Atlassian Engineering, Product Management, and Design (~2000 craftspeople)

  • Part of “R&D Craftworks” team, delivering people/problem solving/technical skills training programs, individual and team coaching, as well as leadership coaching across Atlassian R&D

February 2015–present, Freelance Design Strategist, Coach, Educator & Facilitator, Oakland, CA

  • Design thinking, design strategy and leadership coaching, and freelance group facilitation

  • Global workshops and TED talk-style lectures on my Embodied Critique method to help cross-functional software development teams turn “tension tension” into effective and actionable creative tension

  • Personal career coaching and leadership skills development for senior individual contributors moving into lead and management roles, and for experienced senior leaders looking for their next move

October 2016-July 2017, VP Design (Interim) Yeti LLC, San Francisco, CA

  • Coached executive team of agile dev/design shop, to improve decisions and sales velocity

  • Joined core leadership team after six months consulting as an executive coach and product design strategy coach

  • Collaborated to transform a struggling sales pipeline into full-resource utilization within two months

  • Doubled design team to meet new project pipeline

  • Improved collaboration, velocity, and customer accountability by establishing unified agile design/dev processes

  • Defined design and research product offering to improve sales velocity, including standardized ideation and discovery workshop value definition, deliverables, and pricing

  • Led key new account, providing user research and touchscreen software UI for a commercial fitness equipment company’s first foray into the consumer fitness market

June 2015–November 2015, Director, Experience Design, FiveStars, San Francisco, CA

  • Head of Experience Design for hyper-growth startup in the customer retention and loyalty space

  • Grew team from 2 to 6 designers in first 3 months

  • Shipped fully functioning pilots for 3 key product initiatives, in one quarter, with a very green team

  • Investors’ ability to try pilot software live in stores was key in successfully landing Series B funding

November 2014–present, Lead Instructor, UX Design Immersive, General Assembly, San Francisco, CA

  • Teach full-time, ten week immersive boot camps for career changers, and workshops for alumni

  • Created new curriculum materials for design critique, designer/dev collaboration, and school-to-job readiness

  • Topics taught include: interaction design and user research practice and methods, brand and visual design, design critique methods, data and business analysis, emotional intelligence

February 2012–October 2014, Head of UX, Perforce Software, Alameda, CA

  • Head of design for global provider of enterprise collaboration and version management software

  • Established UX design & research as a critical part of an agile, continuous delivery software development process

  • Developed successful design critique training program to enable developers and designers to communicate and work together more effectively in an engineering-driven culture

October 2010–January 2012, Freelance Lead UX Designer, Oakland, CA

  • Designed new products for corporate clients including Intuit, ZapLabs, and Aeris Communications

September 2008–October 2010, Director, UX, Myriad Group AG, San Mateo, CA

  • Head of UX for Europe’s largest mobile software company, after acquisition of Openwave’s client software division

  • Grew and led a global, multilingual design team, on 3 continents and in 4 time zones

  • Defined design and research process, including design patterns, for all global software development

July 2005–September 2008, Manager, UX Design & Research, Openwave Systems, Redwood City, CA

  • Created and grew a new UX team from scratch; incorporated UX process into established software dev lifecycle

  • Led all design and research across the company’s mobile software product portfolio

  • Role for first 1.5 years at company was Principal Information Architect, Enterprise Systems

March 2002–March 2005, Information Architect, Trust for Public Land, San Francisco, CA

  • Managed design, development, and release of the organization’s first enterprise software system

  • Led product roadmap, design, and development based on qualitative and quantitative research

October 1998–July 2001, Senior Manager then Vice President, Content, Ask Jeeves Inc/Ltd., Emeryville CA & London, UK

  • Launched UK version of successful US search company as part of startup executive team

  • Managed team of 30 responsible for all IA, content strategy, database and application production

  • Managed the balance between ad revenue, editorial quality and optimal user experience

  • As a core member of the initial B2B startup team, led sales engineering, grew my team from 6 to 50 in the first 9 months, developed standard and repeatable business processes, and built sales prototypes for key initial tech vertical customers, including Microsoft and Dell


  • University of California at Berkeley, Master of Arts in Political Science (Political Psychology/ Comparative Politics)

  • Stanford University, Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, cum laude, Honors in Latin American Studies


  • Proficient in Spanish, French and German

  • Exhibiting fine artist and curator, published writer, adult learner of awesome new things